Show Me the Money Summary

Show Me the Money!

A training on what we can do about the California Budget Crisis.

"How many times have we found ourselves saying 'as a nonprofit, we do more with less'? if we continue this approach without challenging the status quo, we’ll end up doing very little with next to nothing” - Kim Klein, Where’s the Money

  • Tired of delivering bad news about “doing more with less?”
  • Want to energize your staff about revenue solutions instead of local and state budget cuts?

Show Me the Money! is a fast paced workshop offered at no cost for nonprofit organizations in California seeking ways to talk about the state and local budget crisis and the key income solutions. This two hour workshop will help your organization to thoughtfully consider and participate in policy solutions by helping staff to form their own opinions about the role of public funding and taxes.
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Originally developed by Kim Klein, one of the nation's best known and loved fundraising trainers, Show Me the Money! workshops are now being offered to nonprofits in the San Francisco bay area and in 2011, throughout the state, by Kim, CompassPoint and the California Pan Ethnic Health Network.

If you can gather at least 10 people for a workplace workshop, we will provide a Show me the Money! workshop trainer and useful handouts for your staff. You can also host other nonprofit organizations in a larger session or join a webinar. It’s about time we got familiar with what is plaguing our state, our communities and nonprofit services. Request a Training Now(external link)

Let’s stop talking cuts and focus on revenue-

The past two years have brought to the forefront of our awareness something that has been going on for at least a decade: nonprofits who rely on government funding to provide needed services are watching funding being cut again and again, while both the cost of doing business and the need for services increases.

This has reached crisis proportions, with thousands of nonprofits laying off staff, cutting programs and even going out of business altogether. Concomitantly nonprofits which have traditionally relied on individuals, foundations and corporations for funding now compete with public schools and other public entities for a limited pool of funding. The bottom line is that without significant restoration of government revenue, there is not enough money do the work that communities count on nonprofits to do.

The Building Movement Project, California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN) and CompassPoint Nonprofit Services have developed the project, “Talking About Taxes,” to inspire and activate staff of nonprofits to become engaged in the reform efforts to overhaul California’s tax and budget structure. “Talking About Taxes” is a public policy education project that we are launching out of recognition of the financial crisis in state and county budgets that is decimating public services, closing public schools, and placing an unrealistic burden on the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits are faced with impossible choices: do more and more with less and less, or set unrealistic and unachievable fundraising goals. We believe there is another alternative: people who work in nonprofits, can make a significant impact in solutions to the state budget crisis.

We believe an important first step is for everyone who works for any nonprofit to understand California’s tax and budget structure and the various reforms that are being proposed to fix it. By working cross sector instead of issue by issue, we can exercise our aggregate clout with lawmakers and at the ballot box and create a state which reflects the values of the common good. Talking About Taxes is a project supported by The Walter and Elise Haas Fund, The San Francisco Foundation, and the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation.

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