We all know that education in California is in need of major help. Get the specifics here.

Brown Budget Summit: Education Slides(external link)
Gov. Brown and Legislative Analyst's Office

California ranked 49th in student teacher ratio. Alotting almost $10 billion less for K-12 education than it did three years ago. And other alarming numbers.

California's Teacher Supply Plummets(external link)
The Huffington Post

Fewer people are becoming teachers: it is becoming less desirable as a profession each year. Who will teach our children?

Schools on the Brink(external link)
Calitics: California Progressive Blog

"You can't pay Wal-Mart prices and expect Gucci results." Funding of Cal education and the issue of Charter schools: they're great, but, according to this blogger, they "favor kids with better home situations, and a better likelihood of success in any system."

New protections for California students against illeagal public school fees(external link)
The LA Times

Times have changed. California schools are so strapped for cash that students are being asked to pay for books. Is it legal?

California's Schools Are Doing More With Less(external link)
NBC Bay Area

Statistics show that a higher percentage of California students are testing proficient in reading, despite serious cuts the the education system. But how many more cuts can they take?

Read More Stats(external link)

Fixing California's School Finance(external link)

Short Video from the Public Policy Institute of California

A short, clear video about how education finance in the state got so murky, and some recommendations on how to deal with it.

John Mockler on Prop 98(external link)
Silicon Valley Education Foundation

Prop 98 gets thrown around in during conversations about education funding all the time. Here's an interview with a education policy analyst discussing some of its origins and nuances.

"Jerry Brown Faces Challenges in Keeping Education Promises"(external link)
Huffington Post

How likely is Brown's education plan in light of fiscal limitations? All the details are here.


The good, the bad, the ugly: a preliminary glance at the budget deal(external link)
California School Board Associations

A clear and simple explanation of the 2011 budget in terms of education. This is the Schwarzenegger's budget passed by the state legislature in October 2010.