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Now What? The latest step in the budget process: Gov. Brown Releases May Revise 3 minute audio on What's Next for the California Budget(external link)

A short, clear video on Prop 13 Budget Buster: Prop 13(external link)

This short video gives a clear explanation of Prop 13, and it let's both fan and critics share their perspective. Watch it to learn and before you do your next presentation!

Read up on What's New! This Week in the California Budget

New Activity for the Presentation!

We have developed a role playing activity for the "Start A Conversation" section of the presentation.

  • It is interactive and fun! Please go to File Galleries in the Presentation Handouts section for directions and the roles.
  • Please go to Trainer Tips and share your thoughts on soda taxes, your thoughts on the activity, and your experiences using it in the presentation!

Here's Your Chance to Balance the Budget

You Balance the California Budget Two interactive online tools where you get to make decisions on what to cut or where to get revenues. Watch the deficit go down with each choice!

Check Out Kim Klein's Article about Talking about Taxes in Nonprofit Quarterly

Click here to download it! (pdf)

Info Pages!

Read up on what's going on this week, and find topic-specific information.

This Week in the California Budget

Topics: Presenting to a group and want to read up on issues that specifically affect them?
Read here!

On Education?

Welcome Trainers to the Talking About Taxes Tiki!!!

This is where our community meets to:
  • share stories about our presentation experiences
  • find and share up-to-date news about California's fiscal situation
  • support each other as we conduct training up and down the state

Tips for using Tiki!

This site may be a little (or a lot!) new to all of us. Here are a few ideas to get the most help from our online community:

This site is intended to be interactive, so while we have posted lots of resources for you to use, we also sincerely encourage you to share your stories, comments, news and ideas with everyone else! If you'd like to post something, click New Topic in the top left corner of the page, or just scroll to the bottom of a topic and post a new message.

The Menu Bar on the top left side of the page is all you need to navigate around the Tiki.

You'll find a lot to do under Forums:
  • Have a good story about your training? Did a participant share their positive feedback or raise a question that other trainers should anticipate?:

The forums are organized by topic, so if you are presenting to a specific group, like a group that serves women and children or works in mental health, you can find specific info.

  • Another way to find more specific info for the group your presenting to:
    • On the Menu Bar, go to Tags and search for what you're looking for.

  • Need for a boost of positivity before a presentation?

  • Check the Calendar to see important dates in the CA budget process, when other trainings are happening, and relative events

  • Need the most recent copy of the powerpoint?

Show Me the Money Summary
Also available on the CompassPoint website-send it to your colleagues and get them involved!

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